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Pillows & Cushions

All Manufactured in Australia
Wholesale quantities available


We are a proudly Australian family-owned and operated supplier for both businesses and individual customers alike.

Our range of products are mostly produced in-house at our Seaford Victoria factory, with a careful combination of locally sourced and imported goods. For products we do not manufacture ourselves, we turn to locally sourced suppliers who too produce their goods in Australia.

Thanks to our combined experience as a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer that sells online, we can provide our services at a lower of the cost of typical retailers who have high overheads and rents to contend with.

Custom cushion inserts available on request

Australian Made

All Products are Proudly Manufactured here in Australia


our High Quality Polyester Fibre are non-allergenic and antibacterial.

Comfort Assured

you're cushions won't only look great but feel great too


For Cleaning and maintenance we Recommend them beingĀ  hand washed and Line Dried